First entry finally !!



This is my first blog entry as part of my 9 month trip, trying to be self discipline and keep blog entries Online at least once a week.  See how long that lasts.

Well made it to Mexico after an adventure… which included repacking and meeting a beaver in Toronto. So let’s start from the beginning, after spending the night in an Airport hotel (One of those “cheap jurys inn”) we arrive for check in and turned out we were way over limit.

Air Canada’s Policy in the UK was one bag checked in with 23 Kg limit and one bag in the plane 10 kg limit. So my bag which is a mountaneering bag was 11 kg over limit. The Mrs. Bag was on the money so needed to repack my bag as they wouldn’t checked in.

For starters the bag was locked and the padlock was busted so we had find someone to break the lock and having taken the bags to the repackaging area we had to repack all the bags and get rid off books, toiletries and all kinds of stuff that hopefully we wont miss in the next 9 months, and shock horror food stuff for ex-pats who miss the comforts of the old country (Sorry!). Anyway the bag was finally checked in and off we went to Toronto with the bags in the cabing packed to the gills.



Was very pleasant and people treated us excellent, stayed at the Alt Hotel near the Airport in Toronto duly recommended it. Rooms where cool. Went for dinner at the Keg and had one of the best Steaks in a long time, loved it! It was short and sweet.

Now back to checking the bag business. Air Canada policy in Canda is as follows: 2 bags of 10 kg max in the cabin and 1 checked bag in the plane of 23 kg limit, the policy doesn’t add up. As basically you are taking in 43 kgs on the plane. Anyway I check the bag exactly as I checked it without change from the UK and was over the limit by 800 grams so once again I had to re pack my bag… honestly, same Airline different packing policies. You have to laugh about the policies and weight limits.

So my photo of Choice from Toronto is this Beaver which I met at the Airport: Friendly chap as all Canadians are:


Meet at Toronto Airport

Meet at Toronto Airport

The beaver and I, you can see the similarities


Finally made it to Mexico after 4 years absence, where do I start? Even in all this time things have changed. I don’t mean the superficial things like WIFI everywhere or seeing a Starbucks in every corner (yuk!) that is for another story…. Subtle things where there were historical houses now there are luxury flats.

Also, the traditional food and restaurant or shops are dissapearing. For instance… I am staying in my old grandmothers house now my uncles which has been there since the 1940’s I have been living or staying there since the 70’s in that time the neighbourhood has changed irreversible.  The back of my grand mother’s house there used to be orchards and it used to belong to the descendants of Gomez Fariaz former President of Mexico it is now luxury flats and houses. The other side of the orchards was the convent which still exists to this day in a smaller form.

How do I know about the orchards if I was that small then? I used to jump in and grab fruit during the summer!!

People who have moved in recent years don’t realised how it use to be here so for me come every few years and see the changes I can notice it.

The plaza is around 200 years old and used to be cobblestones and had character the local council or known in Mexico as Delegacion decided to make changes, for the elderly and beautify the place….

At first glance it looks great but once you see it properly you wonder, what on earth where they thinking. I have added two photos of the current layout and small street photo showing the cobblestones and how it looks now since 18 months ago….


You can see the ancient cobblestones followed by the new flooring and side by side the old and new park benches, the steel benches themselves are from the late 19th Century

Old federation Facade

This façade is the only thing left from a historical house not far from where we are staying. Theoretically it should have been a listed building but modernisation is doing away with building like this. Note the modern building behind it.


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