Parties in Mexico

Editors: Note I though I published but it seems it never got uploaded here it goes.

mmm… so what’s with parties these days? Have I anglicised myself too much? Three parties in mexico city one every day in great sun all started as a “lunch” next thing I know it was dinner and home by who know’s what time….love every bit of it and had great time but was feeling it towards the end.

Modern Mexican lifestyle has become difficult. All week you belong to your boss, your company and your work.  Is expected that you work after hours to demostrate how good you are and loyal to the company (all unpaid of course), The Friday and Saturday is party time followed by Sunday with the family but aside from that little or no family time per se. You must rush your social life all in two days. Somehow, I miss the UK, the EU and normal standard hours and able to go to Rugby after hours. Can anyone working in Australia, the UK or EU get used to working 10 hour days and only get paid 8?

My choice of photo s are two of the traditional pinata with Rapunzel as the theme inside full of candy and chocolate: Before and after pictures:


Before After



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