Silver… A cheap cash crop?

Silver…… At one point in history it was more valuable than gold. During the time of the Spanish Empires and Latin Colonies, Mexico was the biggest provider of Silver in the world. Samples were first discovered in 1540 and the first mine 1548

Trying to quantify how much was dug up is hard to put in words, but it has been deemed that in today’s money the Spanish squandered trillions from mining alone. It was the cash crop of Spanish Society

After 460 years the state of Zacatecas is still producing Silver.. My chosen picture for today are two:

The first is honouring all Miners who have worked in the Mines since the lates 1500and the second is a claim for opening a new silver mine in Real de Catorce by a Canadian consortium. (stakes on the ground)


Honouring all Mexican Miners Silver Claim made by Canadian Company


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