Crime, What is real and what is not?

Crime, what is real what is not. You hear on the BBC, ITV, CNN, and any other “newsworthy” channel that Mexico is crime ridden, cities overrun etc… however the reality is anything but that. So what you should believe? We have been in Mexico for nearly 4 weeks and despite all the claims we have felt safe. This is our 5th trip to the Republic and you can notice the improvements not just economic but social as well.

Yes there are issues, yes there are problems like any city in the world and you should walk safely and be street wise. The media doesn’t help matters and should be reporting the positives of Mexico and and this is an up and coming market instead of badgering the country with so many bad news stories, pie charts and what “cartel” controls what…

For anyone reading this, come to the country see the proper Mexico and judge for yourself! (Cancun doesn’t count)

My chosen picture is the State Fair of Coahuila, showing people walking about care free and enjoying the evening.

Saltillo Feria


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