Puebla, Glorious Puebla

Puebla, glorious Puebla, locally know as “the city that we love” is a wonderful city designed for Spaniards by Spaniards for their exclusive use. It is a gem in central Mexico that’s show what New Spain was like for 300 years.

What strikes one is the uniformity of the streets and everywhere you turn is the colour of the houses. Some houses even though are not renovated still display their splendour of the XVI and XVII Centuries.

The food is to die for, proper Mexican food – (all over the country) but eating in Puebla where some of the more traditional foods such as Mole originates is a real pleasure.

Chosen picture of today: A real dish from Puebla: Chile de Nogada an Original dish and the front of a house with the original design features as it was in the XVII Century

Chile en Nogada house of the bailiff


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