Monte Albán

Monte Albán….

What can you say about a city that predates Teotihuacan by 400 years? Not much… it has stood the test of time. One of the earliest and best kept cities in Mesoamerica, The Zapoteca culture and Kingdom for 1300 years (500 BC to 800 AD) longer than most empires or kingdoms in Europe and Asia. One of the preminent cultures of the age.

Most Western Tourists go to Teotihuacan but going to Oaxaca is a must is a real eye opener and worth seeing.

Don’t assume because you go to the Rivera Maya (Cancun etc..) or Central Mexico that is the be all and end all. There are hidden Jewels throughout  Mexico.

Today’s chosen photo is Monte Alban plateau in all its glory

Monte Albán Plateau


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