Nicaragua my initial views……


Well what can I say, I left when I was 3 – 4 months old and returned for a visit at the age 43. Heard many different stories and read many newspaper articles as to what has happened to this small country.

Once a rich country that could hold its own, now one of the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. I have been to countries where poverty is absolutely rife but I was more shocked here.

Following the Earthquake of 1972 Nicaragua was “destroyed” not just economically but socially and changed the country forever.  Over the last 40 years it has gone from bad to worse let’s hope the next 40 years is kinder to it and can return to self sufficiency.

According to the Doctor there are Fixed points in time were moments in the space-time continuum at which events were set in stone and could never, ever be changed, no matter what… The Earthquake is one of those events.

My chosen picture is the clock on the Cathedral in Managua showing the time when the Earthquake struck in December 1972 and change the country irredeemable forever.

Clock Cathedral


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