Rum, Rum and more rum….

I talked about beer a couple of times and time to talk about the national drink of Latin America: Rum.

So I have tasted the following Rums

Mexico: Bacardi

Guatemala: Zacapa and  Botran Rum

Nicaragua: Flor de Caña

Costa Rica: Centenario

Ok, my own personal rules have been to stick to 7 years, in Mexico’s case was 6 but then Mexicans are always different! (Says me of all people!)

Anyway so far my best rums from bottom to first ( Like Miss Universe competitions)

5: Bacardi Rum ( Yuk!)

4: Botran

3: Centenario

2: Zacapa


Yes Flor will beat Zacapa hands down. (Sorry Chorro!)

Since there are about 400 readers or so of this blog and many of you drink different things, have Rum tonight and Cheers to you.

Today’s Picture is obvious…



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