The Casonas of Lima (Big Houses)

Had a bit of writers block and trying to write something and keep this blog is not easy. There are always topics to write and not everyday I can boast that the house that belonged to my ancestors is now nationally listed by the Peruvia Government. How cool is that

Lima is full of old historical houses, some are historical buildings and some are in disrepair. I am writing today about The House of Osambela later Oquendo which in its heyday was the tallest building in Lima, it was 4 stories high or the equivalent of 8 floor building today’s standards with its own observatory.

The house was built by Martin de Osambela the Spanish shipping magnate of his age (think Rupert Murdoch or Bill Gates) and fell out of favour with the Spanish court for chasing the King’s Daughter! In exile he double his fortune and build the house. He died during the War of Independence in the fortress of Callao, his wife inherited the fortune in 1825.

My Great Great Grandfather (6 generations back) married the second daughter about 10 years later in 1835 and lived there for at least 10 years. He ran the house however it was legally owned by the widow. After 1854 the house passed to the Oquendo family and after the last member of the family died the house went into disrepair and ransacked as no one was looking after it. It was rescued and restored and became a listed build.

Without further ado pictures of the fabled house:


Model of the House

front of the house with my charming self


Front of the house with my charming self

The blue colour is not the original, this colour was done during the restoration.

DSC01972 DSC01974

Apparently the blue house in Lima (that housed a Wheelock) was originally yellow like many other houses in Lima – the skies in Lima are always so grey the houses were painted yellow (see photos) to brighten up the place




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