Hotels, Hostels and ……

When I first started backpacking way back in 1988 the idea of a hostel was a 12 room bunk bed, a bar, dodgy kitchen and possibly hot showers…. Those were days.

Since then times have changed with 1 star hotels now become overpriced hostels and targetting the upper market of the Hostel industries. You can tell they are not genuine as the rooms are a bit of a luxury and most guests are not backpackers but tourists looking something on the cheap with all the hotel trimmings.

You have two kinds of hostels that seemed to prevail: Chain Hostels which are just above the average price and provide breakfast and their own bar with inflated prices and the Traditional hostels which have also changed with almost everyone offering hot showers, a kitchen, and the mandatory wifi and clean towels. These later ones stick to the normal price.

Unfortunately at the other end you have the real bad ones that promise all of the above but in reality are stuck in the past and when it comes down to it doesn’t meet current expectations.

The one thing I will emphasise make sure they have safes or security for your valuables.

Despite the information can can be gleaned from the internet (review sites etc) our experience is that you have to take the information with a grain of salt. The information almost never reflects reality or matches with your expectations.

Today’s photos are 3 choices: A top end for tourists. A traditional Hostel and one you should definitely be avoided

Casa Colon

Hostel Casa Colon, San Jose Costa Rica, expensive. I have recommend it but should it be a Hotels instead of Hostel????

Royal Frankenstein


Hostel Royal Frankenstein, Cuzco, Peru. One of the very very best we have seen in our 16 weeks of travels, we gave it 5 out of 5 and is traditional but it had everything we could ask for and fairly inexpensive.

Floresta Hostellogo

La Floresta Hostel, Granada, Nicaragua. Inexpensive but to be avoided at all costs. despite what it says on their website is not one of the best. many complaints and should be avoided bottom of the rug!



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