Machu Picchu…. Peru’s biggest cash cow

So many people go to Machu Picchu just because is there….. You ask them about the other sites and they look at you with a blank face i.e Vilcabamba (Inca imperial capital in exile), Choquequirao (Machu’s better loooking sister city) or you mention the cities of the north and the other cultures and people see you with two heads.

My first point here is Peru’s lack of proper promotion of their other sites and using and abusing their cash cow. My second point is western culture uneducated and uninformed class of what is in the Andes.

It is estimated 1 Million tourists visit the Cusco region in one calendar year and out of that 912,000 visit Machu Picchu alone.  580 Million US dollars is raised in Machu Picchu alone but all that money goes to Lima with only 25% returned to the Cusco region. So where does the rest of the money go?

Hearing locals speak they are not getting the money or seeing the money at the street level but going to the travel agencies, railways, hotels and tour companies.

There are rumours flying that access to the site will be restricted further due to erosion and graffiti by unknown persons.

Why can Lima promote it’s other sites better? Why do the Western Cultures only promote the one site when there are others?

How long will the cash cow continue until it can no longer receive visitors and implode because of the abuse to the city in clouds and will it fall to earth?

My chosen picture is one taken of Machu Picchu:

City in the clouds





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