The Death Roads of Bolivia

Bolivia Roads are something to behold, Tourists come and do the death road but that is nothing when you are on the front of a coach watching buses and heavy duty trucks take on each other particularly on curves down death defying hills.

Recently we took the back roads of Bolivia heading to the City of Sucre and going down unpaved roads on one car lane and playing chicken with buses coming at you. Is an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

If anyone of my readers ever seen the documentaries on National Geographic or something like that is more terryfing up close and personal…

My photos of today, yes you guess it…..

Bolivia171013 145

The back road or secondary highway is still a dirt road! after I took the picture is straight down!

Bolivia171013 166


At the bottom of the Hill you see motorcyle riders having to walk with the Bikes!

Bolivia 141013 057

This overtaking manoeuvre was done at a curve see next picture

Bolivia 141013 054

suddenly this appears! everyone including Bolivians thought we were in for it…. our own driver was not entirely blameless with his own overtaking.


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