To the Miners of the world…

When we first arrive in South America back in September we came across and we heard of multiple demonstrations from Miners across several countries, ranging from work conditions, living standards and wage raises.

At first I was sceptical of the protesters and what they stood for, but after venturing into the mines I have more empathy for them. Further after seeing the movie the devil’s miner after the visit I can really appreciate the harsh conditions.

The biggest money maker in Bolivia is still mining, followed by Oil and Gas so the question here is why is the current President still harking about Coca farmers when Bolivia does not have a processing plant after 400 years of mining and all raw material abroad and returned process at a higher price for ordinary Bolivians? After 8 years in power you would have thought he would have dealt with this as one of his main priorities as the “peoples” president? Or am I missing something.

Photos of today are from the mine…..


Dynamite Entrance Tunnels... Miner from the Rosario Mine in Potosi


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