San Rafael…

This could be the beating heart of Argentina…. For the last 10 days we have been working in a Tomato farm in the Mendoza Region in the District of San Rafael, this is farming country small producers for fruit and vegetables. You got grape producers who then sell to wineries.

The recent frost which wiped most of this years crops have sky rocketed the prices such as Tomatoes at 20 pesos a kg (£2.0 or$1.6 USD) the people here work hard is a working community and for the moment we arrived is work work work, putting that aside is a beautiful part of the country which if you don’t make the effort you do miss it.

It has been pleasant to do something other than office work! Such as setting up fences, watering the green houses, driving a tractor and setting up the tela or fabric in the fields ready for planting.

We have decided to stay for another week and finish helping with the planting of seeds.

Photos are of the farm and green houses:

Green house full of tomatoes









Harvest Cutter









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