Argentina’s water problems…

Before I start this is not an isolated problem Australia has serious problems with it’s reliance of the Murray Downs and England has its problems with it’s reliance on its natural water deposits and rain water.

Now back to Argentina, aside from Buenos Aires is going through a severe draugth following a frost that wipe crops ( see previous post)

The way the farmers irrigate their farms is through the old water canal systems and through a series of schedule time when the local municipality releases water to local areas.

The current water is 60 litres a second or 216,000 litres an hour from this allocation farmers are giving their share of water based on how many hectares they own. The system is antiquated and wasteful any water not use goes down Volcano holes or sewage never to come back.

With the current water problems the central government must speak with the departments (or States/Counties as known elsewhere) and get a grip and the old excuse saying that this is how is always been done is no longer an option !

water system










Water comes from up the road through this channel

water gates









Water comes from channels build by the Farmer and you can open or close it depending where the gate is going.,

Water flow








Water then flows on to the fields:

watering the fields










this irrigation is effective the problem is the wastage which ends up in old holes and waterway so perfectly good portable water is getting lost!!

ancient volcanic hole








Ancient Volcanic Hole

water drains



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