Mendi Hill Estates

We spent 2 1/2 very enjoyable weeks in MendiHill Estates is 8 hectares of farmland in San Rafael run by Johnny and Claudia. originally we were staying for 10 days but decided to help and stay longer.

Their main area of work is producing sun-dried tomatoes, as well as caring for the horse Sandawana, donkey Jenny, 5 llamas, 6 cats and 5 dogs.

During our time on the Finca, Our role was to help out with the preparation of the land. Remove winter covering seed planting, and numerous other farming task, such as watering the fields. Further watering tomato plants in Greenhouses and seeing them grow! and of course feeding the animals.

The dogs, Lassie, Pork, Hussey, Pepi and Brown dog will follow you around and if not you have Sandawana and Jenny following you around the farm for company!

I found the work rewarding and also refreshing coming from 4 months of backpacking with no real challenges to face.

Johnny provides some great company, it’s always interesting to listen to his many stories and theories on anything from aerodynamics to tomato farming to international politics. We worked hard all day, and then enjoyed good food and wine each evening as we chilled out particularly with the spring heat.

Rebuilding the paleta Huskey DSC01307 DSC01308 DSC01309 DSC01312 DSC01313 DSC01317 DSC01326 DSC01328DSC01192 DSC01211 DSC01223 DSC01239


4 thoughts on “Mendi Hill Estates

      • It usually was more involved as 4-5 hours a day – which is what workaway promotes. We don’t mind since we like to get busy. It was definitely a big change from the travel routine and that was very pleasant. I would recommend it to anybody who travels for an extended period of time. I have met a lot of people volunteering and paying for it. Workaway is the best way of a fare exchange of work for housing and food. Enjoy traveling! G&N

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