The savage world of the Salt Flats

Most tourists, backpackers and people on the normal trails go to the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolvia or to the Salar in Chile beyond that there is another world… The Salars and Salt Flats is massive expanse that covers Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.

There are towns and ports in the region that tourists never get to see.. They are set-up for miners and business. The area is rich in Copper and Nitrate. The old British Railway still works and carries everyday the mineral loads.

As spectacular is the scenery that we have witnessed and the towns we have seen; this region is survival of the fittest; hard and thankless work by Miners and indigenous people who live in the region.  The most expensive items are food and water which must be imported as nothing grows here.

Here are photos of our trip of the region

Chile 060114 570

Chile 060114 177

Chile 060114 340

Chile 060114 456

Chile 060114 494


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