Well time for some fun on this Blog…

We spent our last day in Peru inside a Submarine and it was cool.  This was my first time inside and I have to say respect to Submariners, tight places and submerged.

The ship which is a museum was an Abtao Class submarine they were modified US Mackerel Class. This submarines never served in the US Navy.

Abtao (1953) Pennant number 5, from 1959 SS-2, from 1960 SS-42. Completed in February 1954, initially known as Tiburon, but renamed Abtao in April 1957.Decommissioned in 1998 and became a museum ship in 2004

Without further ado here are the photos of this graceful lady of the deep. Enjoy

Peru 210114 244 Peru 210114 253 Peru 210114 254 Peru 210114 255 Peru 210114 257 Peru 210114 262 Peru 210114 264 Peru 210114 266 Peru 210114 268 Peru 210114 285 Peru 210114 303


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