The quirkiness of LatinAmerica

Definitions of Quirky: something that is strange/not normal but cool or A peculiarity of behavior; an idiosyncrasy

With over 10,00 photos I have a month of Sundays for writing blogs once I get my thoughts on the individual subjects. Having said that I want to start that I loved the quirckiness of things in Latin America, I have come to realise that there are 2 Latin america’s one south of the Darien Gap and one North of it.

There are things you pick up or see during bus trips or just walking around and noticed how things are different from one country to another or from one part of the continent to another which is more defined.

Here are several sets of photos showing something different or unusual things from several of these countries.







Never expected to see a Red Box in this part of the world








Standard wine bottle for Local they are returnable bottles or can be refunded








Don’t know how to explain this painting (SEE UPPER RIGHT CORNER) but the painter went against the church’s wishes

DSC00425 DSC00423








In the middle of the desert they grow vegetables inside the green house

Chile 060114 519 Chile 060114 522







In this particular city of South America instead of pigeons they have vultures!!

Bolivia 141013 030






These chaps are alive at first I thought they were dead but the moment after I took the photo they where moving up and down how they got them up the van I will never know.

Ecuador04092013 019 Ecuador04092013 140 Ecuador04092013 141









Panama Hats are NOT from Panama.

Quito (05092013) 017










Traditional dish, Melted cheese, onion and tortillas

Quito (05092013) 062










Cant get enough of this picture











In this particular country all Motorcycle drivers must have visual jackets with the licence plate on the back and in the back of the helmet as pictured. This is to reduce the incidents of theft and prove of ownership, but it was not explained to me how it works.


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