My morning commute…..

Prior to changing jobs I worked around London Bridge and I tried to take photos every day or when returning home in the evening trying to take photo from the same spots.

Some photos are well taken some are just bad… the orignal was to something different and there are sublime differences in every one of them from the tide to what’s across on tower bridge. The photos are the best ones that I have chosen over a 6 month period.

It was fun trying to find something different every day.


IMG_3308 - Copy IMG_3262 - Copy IMG_3259 - Copy IMG_3255 - Copy IMG_3253 - Copy IMG_3250 - Copy IMG_3249 - Copy IMG_3229 - Copy IMG_3215 - Copy IMG_3210 - Copy IMG_3208 - Copy IMG_3205 - Copy IMG_3198 - Copy IMG_3197 - Copy IMG_3194 - Copy IMG_3175 - Copy IMG_3173 - Copy IMG_3167 - Copy IMG_3158 - Copy IMG_3152 - Copy IMG_3147 - Copy IMG_3137 - Copy IMG_3135 - Copy IMG_3122 - Copy IMG_3118 - Copy IMG_3117 - Copy IMG_3110 - Copy IMG_3108 - Copy IMG_3106 - Copy IMG_3102 - Copy IMG_3108 - Copy




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